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Documents to Download

We offer a complete  handbook that contains all of the articles listed below it. You may download the complete handbook, or individual articles. The documents herein are revised from time to time as new information is discovered. Please check back for revised documents occasionally.

Lyme Disease Handbook

Diseases Ticks Can Cause

Lyme Disease Can Cause

Lyme Disease Symptoms chart

Lyme Rash Description and Blood Transfusion Risk

Where is Lyme Disease?

 Lyme Disease in Kansas

Lyme Disesase in Missouri

Why Isn’t 3 Weeks Enough

IDSA Guidelines objections

What is a Herx?

Why Don’t Most Cases Get Reported

Lyme Disease Tests

Interpreting the CD-57 test

Did You Know?

Lyme Disease Transmission Studies

Lyme in Children and Teenagers

Neurological Symptoms

Neurologic Manifestations. Dr. Pietrucha

Psychosocial Issues of Lyme Disease

Syphilis Similarities to Lyme

Babesia Handbook, Babesia reporting criteria

Heartland Virus

Ticks and Red Meat Allergy


Other Documents

Lyme Disease is on the Rise brochure

Proper Tick Removal

Lyme Disease Prevention

Be Aware of Lyme Disease

Evan White’s story, 4 weeks not enough

Dr. Brewer, Co-Infections Presentation


Membership Application and Renewal Form

School Handbook

 Call to Action on ISDA Panel Guidelines