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2024 Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

April 25, 2024 Monthly Support Meeting

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Passcode: 7c@H*M9Y

Join us April 25th @ 6:30PM for our Special Guest Speaker Jo Ellis, Bay Area Lyme Foundation Director of Education!

Originally from the UK, Jo grew up on the edge of the Peak District National Park and spent most of her childhood in and around nature and animals. Her entire career has focused on education, either in the classroom as a teacher or administrator, or working in organizations where education is their business. Jo loves California’s wild landscapes and raised her three children hiking, camping, kayaking, and exploring at every opportunity. Retired from the classroom, Jo now works for Bay Area Lyme Foundation and helps get the word out about preventing tick-borne diseases through presentations, writing blogs and articles, and supporting the organization’s Lyme Disease Biobank program. In her spare time, Jo loves hiking in local Bay Area parks or heading up north to Red Bluff and Lake Almanor to fish or horseback ride with friends.

October 24, 2024 Monthly Support Meeting

Join us October 24th @ 6:30PM for our Special Guest Speaker Leslie Martin
Leslie’s journey with Lyme disease began in 2008 after she was bit by a tick in her back yard.  Like many that have experienced Lyme disease she spent numerous years searching for answers regarding her drastic decline in health.  Four years and many doctor visits later she finally received a diagnosis.  She immediately began treatment and continued to stay hopeful that her health would return.  She credits an intensive holistic treatment protocol and proper nutrition for her current remission and now works with others to encourage a healthy lifestyle so they can also recover from Lyme.

Leslie is a Nutrition Therapist which came about due to her desire to dig deep and learn everything possible that would benefit her health during her illness.  She also began attending support group meetings and joined as a member in 2018 in hopes of encouraging and supporting others with Lyme Disease.  She is currently in remission and now works with others to encourage a healthy lifestyle so they can also beat Lyme.
She currently serves as the First Vice President, Outreach Committee Coordinator and Grant Committee Chairperson.  As the First Vice President she assists the President in assorted duties and serves in the absence of the President at Board and General membership meetings.   As the Outreach Coordinator she is responsible for creating a supportive relationship with the community for the purpose of raising awareness, education, and distribution of information regarding Lyme Disease.    She has recently updated an informative educational packet to be used in area schools by teachers, school nursing staff, school administrators and at physician conferences.  Leslie also chairs the committee that awards treatment grants to Lyme patients that are struggling to pay for much needed medical care.
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