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Genus Rhipicephalus

  • These ticks have a hexagonal basis capituli, eyes on the scutum and festoons on the posterior margin of the abdomen. Male specimens are distinguished from most other common ticks by the adanal plates and accessory plates on either side of the anus.

Brown Dog Tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus


  •  It is a reddish-brown species that attacks dogs and other mammals but rarely man.

  • Commonly Carry: It is not known to transmit human diseases in the United States, although it is a known vector of Marseilles fever in the Mediterranean region.

  • Common hosts: The ticks are frequently found attached to the ears and in between the toes of dogs. This species is one of the most common in homes, where it feeds on dogs and then drops off the infested animal.

Where Found: In most of the United States.

General Characteristics of the Genus:

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