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Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease

  • Causes painful open sores that last for months or don’t heal.

  • Causes black granules and white clear, red, blue, black, or green fibers to emerge from the skin.

  • Fibers can be removed from sores or intact skin with tweezers.

  • Fibers don’t match any known fibers.

  • Calcium and other minerals have been found in some fibers.

  • Many fibers are hard and feel like splinters.

  • Causes stinging and crawling sensations under the skin and intense itching.

  • These symptoms interfere with sleep.

Morgellons and Lyme
  • Reported in all 50 states and in Canada, Europe and world-wide.

  • Appears to be an emerging disease; incidence is on the increase.

  • It is unknown whether Morgellons  is a distinct disease or a bizarre manifestation of Lyme disease.

  • Almost all Morgellons patients have Lyme disease.

  • Most people with Lyme do NOT have Morgellons.

  • Some Lyme specialists are treating Morgellons.

  • Lyme support groups can help people find a Lyme specialist.

  • It is unknown whether Morgellons may be transmitted by ticks.

  • Another possibility is contact with soil.

  • Many Morgellons patients develop the disease after contact with soil, as in gardening.

Morgellons Treatment
  • Antibotic helps many patients.

  • Many also need anti-parasitic and/or anti-fungal drugs.

  • Some have improved by taking NutraSilver colloidal silver internally. (See stories at

  • When starting treatment, patients typically have a temporary worsening of symptoms (a Herx reaction), with a mass exodus of fibers.

Morgellons is on the Increase
  • If you have never seen a person with it, you may someday.

  • You may notice a person whose face or body is covered with open sores.

For more information:

Morgellons Transmission & Diagnosis
  • It is unknown if it is contagious. Research is ongoing.

  • Many patients have family and close friends with the disease.

  • Some patients have dogs or cats with it.

  • However, many families just have one person infected.

  • People can have the fibers without the sores. Some people have sores without fibers.

  • If they have fibers, they have Morgellons, because that is the definition. It’s a fiber disease.

  • There are no tests for Morgellons.

  • The disease is diagnosed based on patient history and visible fibers.

  • A doctor who does not see any protruding fibers can look for fibers under the skin with an EyeClops BioniCam microscope.

EyeClops BioniCam
Morgellons Fibers
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